Friday, May 1, 2009

Husbands are so funny!

Today, after an early trip to the post office, my husband and I headed for La Crosse, 65 miles away ---- the closest place to fabric shop.

I had several shopping stops...I had to stop at one store and purchase flat black spray paint for my picture frames and pull toy bases and wheels.

The next stop was Hobby Lobby where I purchased the last 11 yards of dark red cotton with little white stars. This was for my America doll (I have to make 4 more) as well as vests for one style of Uncle Sam.

The last stop was Hancock Fabrics. This was just a time killer before lunch because I didn't really need anything and wasn't really looking for anything special never know what you'll find. Besides, cotton and upholstery fabrics were both on sale. I looked and looked and finally remembered I wanted more black on white floral print fabric for my black Thelma Lou doll . I found one I liked and told my husband he could take it over to the cutting table and tell the clerk I'd like 2 yards. I continued to look and found something else I liked a lot. I took it over to the cutting table in time to hear my husband say, "I don't see why she spends so much time picking out just the right color, she dyes it and stains it anyway and it won't look anything like it does now." Aren't husbands cute?

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