Saturday, August 24, 2013

I've been published in the newest issue of Prims magazine

I've been published in Prims magazine.  There are so many very talented people are in the issue and it's such an honor to be included. You'll find stories about my Vintage inspired Santas as well as another story about some of my witches.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The scarecrows are coming

 Scarecrows are being listed as quickly as I can make them. These are so cute. 18" tall and made of fabric with lots of lovely shredded raffia, they have embroidered features. The scarecrow on the left is all muslin with orange blushed cheeks and a handmade crow. The one on the right has a head made from a fabric that looks like miniature burlap and holds a handmade pumpkin with a real stem. They are available on my website, Lucy's Lazy Dayz Primitives. I've given the link to the Halloween section.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Witchy dolls

 I've been playing with new ideas. You see more and more white and odd colored pumpkins in the farmer's markets and that inspired the witch on the left. She's 29" tall and very elegant. Her features were hand stitched in place with fine black thread and it looks like hairs or bits of cobweb in a close up view. Check her out on my website or in my Etsy shoppe Lucy's Lazy Dayz Folk Art.  The photos enlarge nicely when you click on them.
     The witchy woman on the right was inspired by some scraps of black and brown fabric that landed in the same pile after I cut out something else. they looked so nice together, they inspired a black witch dressed in black and brown. Both of these and more are listed on my website under Halloween.