Monday, May 11, 2009

I finished BETWTCHING BESS yesterday and listed her on ETSY. There are much better views there. If you click on the picture here, it will take you directly to Etsy.

Bess has been my "ME TIME" project for the last 2 1/2 months. When I need a break from the demands of making primitive dolls, I do something else I want to try. It saves "burnout".

I had so much fun creating her. I love playing with fabric and seeing what you can create by combining fabrics, needle sculpting, and painting. I like to recycle (only now it seems to be called upcycling because you're taking a discarded item and making something better, newer, or more valuable than you started with). I purchase shirts from the thrift shop and use the buttons for eyes, and I use the fabric for clothing if I can and "ragg" stuffing if I can't.

Bess's hair is rayon cord that my mother purchased in 1942, just after she got out of high school. She started crocheting a purse and gave up and the cord was still in her cedar chest after she passed away. Untwisted, it makes wonderful creepy hair.

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