Monday, May 18, 2009

Burnout solutions

I've been asked about it a problem for me, what do I do when I get it?

I have moments when I just want to quit but I'd be so bored by the second day...I don't do sitting around well. I do like to read but I'd rather listen to an audio book while I'm sewing.

I can honestly tell you 2 big tricks that work really well. The first is for stress....get out doors and take a walk. It really helps. You can walk as fast or slow as you want. OR, take a bicycle ride. Both get you outdoors and the fresh air is invigorating. I also get a lot of ideas while walking. OR try gardening. It's also a great stress reliever with lots of, fresh veggies, and of course exercise and fresh air.

The second trick is for that "I just can't do this anymore" feeling. You know, when you work in an office, you get coffee breaks and a lunch break. Working at home I always take a luch break but I've learned to give myself 2 ME breaks. They're my answer to a coffee break and I have to do something other that the "job" I was working on.

I started a doll (Bewitching Bess--she's the pumpkin witch shown in a previous post) in March. I cut out the body and during my breaks I slowly worked on her with no idea where I was going with the design. I spent probably 2 weeks on the body/face. When it came to arms and legs, I must have cut them in 4 different sizes each to find something that worked with her body shape. Her dress took more than a week to design. It was so much fun to allow myself that much time to create a special doll. If you click on the picture of Bess, it will take you to ETSY where I've listed her and there are more and much better photos there.

So, when you feel overwhelmed or "burned out" allow yourself to play. My next ME project is going to be an ART DOLL! I'll post a picture when I finish her but don't expect her too soon...I also have to get my flowers planted and vegetables set out in the garden.

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