Thursday, April 30, 2009

What a day!

I feel exhausted and exhilerated at the same time. I finished a large order today and got it delivered to the post office before they closed (our post office closes at 3:45 PM). It was such a sense of accomplishment to be done with that one.
I have another order I want to finish in time to mail on Monday but I decided to take some time off this afternoon.
Isn't the pig cute? I had to make one for each order.
When I got home from the post office, I went to my garden. Actually, it's too early to call it a garden right now. The only thing blooming is the daffodils I divided last year and planted every 3 inches - wherever I didn't think I'd want something else. So-anyway, I went to the garden with a 5 gallon bucket and a hand spade and started digging out dandelions - oh yes, they were starting to bloom too. I filled the bucket with dandelions. After that, I fixed supper and took a walk. That was my "time off", but all I ever really need is a short change of pace.

Now I'm ready to start the order I want to finish and mail on Monday. I'll sit and watch TV with my husband tonight, and start dressing the 3 dolls for the next order -- I already have the bodies AND clothing finished for. I have 2 other dolls to finish for the order but don't have that clothing made yet.

It speeds things up a lot for me, if, when I need 1 doll - I cut out and sew 2 of that particular style. If I need 2, I cut and sew 4. I hate it when I'm all caught up and have no extra doll bodies made up to dress (oh yes, I make extra dresses too) seems to take forever to get "extras" again. I'll have to cut out more body parts as soon as I've got this order finished, packed and ready to ship.


  1. Cutting 2 for 1 reminds me that when my daughter, Victoria, was little, and my girlfriend's daughter, Tyree were the same age, we'd take one pattern and actually stack various materials for cutting. That way we could cut out 3 dresses at the same time. Made clothing our daughters a quick process.

    You obviously get a lot of orders for your dolls. Are they individual orders or for consignment shops, or .... ?


  2. Love the pig, as I love all your designs!

  3. I sell my dolls though 1 consignment shop 15 miles from where I live, my website, Lemon Poppyseeds, Country Fried Primitives, Etsy, and Artfire. The order I just send and the one I'm trying to finish are for wholesale to shops--1 in Ohio and the second in Michigan.