Friday, May 29, 2009

Busy as usual

I got my Santas, 2 snowmen, a stick horse, and an angel done and sent off to Country Sampler Magazine for the October/ November 2009 issue. It's always so hard deciding what to do. Especially since we're working "out-of-season".

This witch will be in the August/September issue with several other items. If you click on her picture it takes you to my website and a complete description. (I do 2 ads in both the fall and Christmas issues.)

I'm still working on lots of Americana dolls for summer and the 4th of July but it's never too soon to start thinking about and creating for fall and winter. If you think it's too warm to create and craft for those seasons--close your curtains and turn a couple of fans on directed at your body to cool you off. Get out some inspiration for the season you're working on--magazines, a Christmas tree, a Halloween witch, hand Christmas lights in your crafting area... If you can't see it's a nice summer day, and you're surrounded by the season, you'll be able to create!

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