Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gardens again!

I can't find the photo of my wheelbarrow, but I just wanted to add...you don't need an actual garden to plant flowers and veggies. Last year I planted them in 2 washtubs, 2 watering cans, 2 wheelbarrows, (all these were rescued from where I found them waiting at the curb for garbage pickup), a well used picnic basket and a bushel basket. the baskets were lined with garbage bags.

Then I found 2 old chairs that had originally had drop in seats. With some chicken wire I got from.....you guessed it, the curb.....I shaped a basket that fit in the opening and went for a walk. There's a shady place near the woods where lots of moss grows on the sandstone rocks so I scraped it off and lined the wire with that, filled it with potting soil and planted flowers. Sphagnum moss from the garden center works equally well. You just want something to keep the soil from falling through the wire. You have to water every day but the results are beautiful.

In the photo you can see the chair on the left side of the garage door and on the right side are 2 canning kettles with flowers.


  1. Congrats Lucy on your new adventures! It's great to see you here! May I add you to my blog list? I am awaiting Spring here and seedlings to get big enough to put out... you have me even more anxious with your posts!

  2. Oh Lucy, after seeing your garden, I have been inspired to use some old items in mine. I have been saving canning pans with holes and now I know what to do with them. Thanks, Valerie