Thursday, March 31, 2011

Handmade Art Fair

It's finally Spring Time!
Come on over to Handmade Art Fair to help celebrate our April 1, 2011  Spring Extravaganza where you will find new listings and give-a-ways by some of our artists.
You will find sweet handmade items to help you usher in Spring and hopefully add a much needed ray of sunshine and smiles after a long cold Winter.
We have updates almost daily!

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Primitive Soft Sculpture Black doll w cat

I just added this little lady with her cat in my ETSY
shop. She has a full head of hair. That little kitty is handmade with a needle sculpted face and trust me, he has attitude.

Friday, March 25, 2011

New source for Printable Feed sack Logos

My sister, Sandra, now has printable feed sack designs available on her Etsy site, SandrasBohemianBags.  Each one is a PDF, is $4.50, and comes in 4 sizes plus reverse images for iron ons in each packet.

There is no watermark on what you purchase and there is no "designed by" or "copyrighted by" to spoil the effect of the vintage logo.

This is one of them. she also has rabbit pellets, chicken feed, goat pellets, and  pig feed. 

Primitive Folk Art Black Raggedy with pull toy cat

Who can resist this face? And that hair!? I've just listed this little cutie on my website . You can choose her, the cat or both.

Rootie Tootie (the doll) is made of muslin and hand embroidered with vintage rayon cord hair stitched in place. The pull toy cat is also handmade by me. He has a mouse dangling from his tail and reproduction vintage thread spool wheels. As always, shipping is FREE.

The pattern is also available for the doll. The link is on the page with her listing. No pattern for the cat yet.........

Friday, March 18, 2011

Little itty bitty raggedy

Isn't this the cutest pair--especially when you know the large one is 13 1/2" tall and the other is only 8 1/2" tall? They sit 8 1/2" high and 5 1/4" high respectively. I just designed the smaller one and they're listed on my website with quite a lot of other new offerings. There are raggedies with a full head of hair, a new black doll with very large feet, and some wonderful new lady rabbits with hand A-line pinafores made from vintage hand embroidered tablecloths, pillowcase ends, and dresser scarf ends. I've also just listed a 42" prairie doll again.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

News and new listings

First off, Rusty Tin Roof  has just released the Spring issue. It has great articles and a FREE pull toy sheep pattern from your's truly! There are other downloadable patterns as well as crafting ideas.

Second, my sister Sandra is designing printable feed sacks. The first one is now available in her ETSY shop Sandra's Bohemian Bags. She's working on a Chicken Feed sack next.

And finally, I've been making Raggedies like crazy. The newest ones are listed on my What's New Page and there are a few more listed under Raggedies on my website. The doll you see at the left has a full head of hair. She wears a dress made of vintage fabric and a pinafore made from a vintage, hand embroidered pillowcase.  Oh yes, I've got a raggedy in my own ETSY shop that is not on my website. She's an absolute beauty.