Friday, March 25, 2011

New source for Printable Feed sack Logos

My sister, Sandra, now has printable feed sack designs available on her Etsy site, SandrasBohemianBags.  Each one is a PDF, is $4.50, and comes in 4 sizes plus reverse images for iron ons in each packet.

There is no watermark on what you purchase and there is no "designed by" or "copyrighted by" to spoil the effect of the vintage logo.

This is one of them. she also has rabbit pellets, chicken feed, goat pellets, and  pig feed. 


  1. Good afternoon, Lucy,
    I should have known that your sister was creative too! Thank for sharing the link...I'm off to visit her site too.

    Enjoy what's left of your weekend ~Natalie

  2. Hi Lucy...I am thrilled to find another printable feedsack logos source.