Monday, May 17, 2010

Armed Forces Days Craft Show

This past weekend was Armed Forces Days and since our town is located very near a military installation, they had a celebration complete with parades, street dances, carnival, volleyball tournament, horseshoe tournament, softball tournament, rummage and bake sales and I hosted a craft show for several local crafters. It was colorful, fun, and showed off our wares to people who came to town to participate in the fun. We all had flyers and/or business cards to hand out because when people come to an event like this, they don't necessarily plan to spend money.

Now they know how to find us when they do plan to make a purchase.

My cat enjoyed the weekend more than anyone. She lay in the middle of the drive way where many people could admire her "great beauty" and of course pet her. She's one of the 7 cats I adopted after they either strayed from their home or were abandoned by former owners.


  1. And a Wonderful Display it was. Lucy a recent acquaintance and hopefully a new friend out does herself in imagination and also in the quality of her workmanship! I would happily have taken home at least a dozen different dolls as each one was more special then the last! If you know Lucy you know her art and if you do not be sure to check out her site. Everyone is not as lucky as those of us that live close enough to have stopped in several times this past weekend!! Lucy, I Love my new Doll and of course have a pattern to work on when gardens are put in and windows are washed!!

  2. Lucy... wish I lived closer! It looked like a really fun day. hugs, Denise