Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beehive for summer

Beehives and bees sort of belong to summer don't they?  My friend was taking a wicker love seat to be sand blasted and repainted and wanted the fabric removed--all that was left was the burlap backing and she didn't want it so I brought it home for inspiration. I set it in front of my sewing machine so it could inspire while I worked. I glanced up and caught sight of a new snowman design and beehive sprang to mind. I used Mary's loveseat burlap for the prototype but now make them from decorator burlap (nicer weave and less "smelly".

The bees are muslin with black fiberglass window screen wings. When the pattern is ready (later today I hope) I'll post the link here. The finished beehive is available for sale on my website. The finished beehive comes with a generous amount of Spanish Moss to spread under it.


  1. This is so fun! It is amazing what can be created from something that some may feel is a useless item. This would be great on a porch all summer long!

  2. I just love bees and beehives! Great work sweetie!