Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall is here...scarecrows are here too

    I've been very busy finishing new scarecrows. You can find them on my website . They are listed under What's new and come in 3 sizes: 18" tall, 26" tall and 35" tall. They're made of fabric with rag stuffed bodies so they sit well. They all have a generous quantity of raffia spilling from sleeves and pant legs as well as raffia hair. The handmade hats are stiffened burlap. The pants are denim.
    The faces are hand embroidered with hand applique'd noses and blushed cheeks. Each scarecrow has something to hold. One has a handmade painted fabric pumpkin, another has a handmade cloth crow and the large one captured a huge handmade crow that's trying to fly away. They're designed to be indoor decorations (or at least in a sheltered area) but I've heard from customers who've kept them outdoors and not protected and they are just fine (I don't advise that...I'm just passing along what I've been told).

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