Sunday, July 14, 2013

New Listings for Fall

This is Scarlet O'haira. She's the new listing on my Lucy's Lazy Dayz Folk Art Etsy Shoppe.

I've made her to stand by constructing her with dowels inside her legs.  She's made of fabric and has a needle sculpted nose and body and her eyes and lips are "painted" with Prismacolor pencils. She looks a bit frazzled with her silky, stringy red hair. Her hat is adorned with black fabric roses and she carries a handmade broom...made of miniature pip berry twigs so it's not going to break.

You'll find several new listings there for fall AND everyday.


  1. Thank you. Someone told me that everyone has a sister, sister-in-law, or aunt that she'll remind them of. She's definitely having a bad hair day!

  2. She looks quite spooky indeed! Can't wait to see you at our Artist Showcase on August 4th!