Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sylvanie Synester - 53 Inch tall witch

Isn't this witch awesome? She's made of muslin and she's 53+ inches tall. The hat is wired and can be pulled up higher. I added "ragg" to the bottom of her body so she sits really well. I also put a hanging loop on the back of her hat so she can "stand".  I needle sculpted her nose and lips. I wish the black lips didn't resemble a time I think I'll make them either green or a dark purple-red. The hat band is black nylon net with polka dots woven in. There's also a wild turkey feather in the hatband. She has shank buttons down the front of the bodice as well as on the 6" long cuffs on her sleeves. I couldn't resist giving her a nice splashy ring and of course it seemed necessary to "paint" her fingernails black too. Did I mention her fingers are wired so they're poseable? Her hair is nice curly wool. You can't see her shoes but they have high heels and black half ball buttons up the outside of each shoe.  Oh yes, her pantaloons are a dingy white on this lovely lady.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Do you need buttons? I've listed a lot of over 7 pounds of buttons on ebay with $10.70 flat rate shipping.

These are buttons I decided I probably wouldn't use--I seem to use the same styles and colors over and over. This is part of my stash, my mom's stash, my Grandma's stash and gifts from neighbors and friends.