Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Do you need buttons? I've listed a lot of over 7 pounds of buttons on ebay with $10.70 flat rate shipping.

These are buttons I decided I probably wouldn't use--I seem to use the same styles and colors over and over. This is part of my stash, my mom's stash, my Grandma's stash and gifts from neighbors and friends.


  1. I hear ya Lucy! I've got so many buttons here I don't know what to do with them...but I can't part with any! Crazy, but I go through them and even remember what they were used for some times (my mom's and my sister's). One day I'll probably do the same as you, just not quite yet. Guess I'm officially a "hoarder" LOL

  2. Oh Nancy--I'm a hoarder of craft supplies but I love my vintage buttons and MUST HAVE certain colors--besides I just purchased a lot of 9 pounds of new buttons to play with so I had to "trade in" the old ones...........ROTFLMAO

  3. Lucy,
    I hoard craft supplies too! I have a huge bucket of buttons, most of them are old. I should part w/some, but can't.

  4. Good Morning, Lucy,
    This is a huge pile of buttons! I love them!! Mine are separated into cannisters by color...I wonder if I put them all together...maybe I would have a huge pile too?!

    I'm stopping by to grab your link to add to my blog's sidebar. Take care, ~Natalie