Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Christmas space at the Tomah Cranberry Mall

Here are 2 photos of the right half of my space. It was so much fun. The entire wall above is peg board for wreaths. The shutters were attached with the louvres on the outsides ends to point up so I can easily hook S hooks onto it and hang dolls, wreaths and stitcherys. You'll notice I have empty spots to fill right away but it was so hard calculating how much I could fit in the space. I put toys under the Christmas tree including a vintage wicker cradle with raggedies sitting in it.

I enjoy making very large items like 5 foot tall standing snowmen--much too large to ship but I could put them here!       Thanks everyone for looking and for your comments. I appreciate the feedback. This is the ideal store. I can arrange it to suit myself and yet I don't have to be available all day to work there so I can create to my hearts content.

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