Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Make a Scarecrow to fit old clothing you have

I just made 2 scarecrows that fit bib overalls and shirts I’d found in a thrift shop and the clothing fit the scarecrows perfectly even though one was size 4 and the other size 8. Each required a different body pattern but it turned out to be so easy.


Cover your table with taped together newspaper. Lay the pants in the middle of the paper with the shirt tucked in. With a sharpie marker draw a head that looks in proportion to the body. This is drawN just like any old rag doll so don’t get worried that it’s technical—it’s not. Now draw a neck about ½’ long and draw along where the shoulders are. Pull the sleeve over the top of the clothing and mark where the sleeve was but continue on down along the side of the pants to the level of the crotch. Draw a straight line across this body. Next you’ll cut 2 from muslin and sew up the side, around the head and down the other side. Turn right side out and stuff with rags and sew the bottom of the body shut.

Using the pattern again—cut 2 layers of burlap the width of the head but 3” longer than the head. Sew the sides and top and turn right side out and pull over the head. Cut a Triangle of dark brown felt and stitch this in place for a nose. I stitched a smile with 2 strands of black crochet thread—or 4 strands of embroidery floss. Sew 2 - 1” buttons in place for eyes.

The next thing to do is measure the sleeve. Subtract 2” and divide the number in half. You’ll cut 4 pieces of the arms. I used an old blanket for the arms but quilt batting would work very well too -----I cut 24” wide by that measurement . Roll each piece like a jelly roll and stitch along the edge so it doesn’t unroll. Using double thread in your needle, stitch one to the body where the arm should be. I used about 36” of thread double for each of these because you want it loose and I didn’t want it to come undone. After stitching the first piece to the body—stitch the second piece to the bottom of the first piece…end to end with big stitches so it can move like a joint. Do the same for the other arm.

Now put the shirt on and tuck the burlap inside the neck opening. Button the shirt cuffs. Measure about 40 - 8” strands of raffia and stitch through the middle so you have 80 - 4” strands. Fold in half and tuck into a sleeve end. Sew through the sleeve and raffia several times. Tie a length of jute around the sleeve. Finish the other arm the same way.

Measure the pant legs like you did with the sleeves and cut your 4 pieces attaching them to the bottom of the body where legs should be. Put on the pants and attach raffia inside the pant legs.

You may want to add raffia hair, an old hat, a witch type hat, an old straw hat……….the Possibilities are endless. The best thing about these scarecrows…they sit beautifully wherever you put them.


  1. I just found your blog and went through a couple older posts.Cute ideas! I love,love the scarecrow,I will have to try this one!

  2. Lucy,
    Thank you for sharing. I might have to try and make the scarecrow. I'm a big fan of your patterns and have made several! Cherie